Color Correction (Adobe Lightroom)

Image 1 RAW
Image 1 Edit

This image is a photo of my friends eye. I like taking pictures of eyes because they naturally compose very well because they are a proportionate shape. This eye in particular was very colorful. I had a different edit of this eye but the one you see was my attempt to make the image look as good as possible without manipulating colors.

Image 2 V1 (Unedited)
Image 2 V1 Edit
Image 2 V2 RAW
Image 2 V2 Edit

This image was taken at Moonrise Festival 2018. I was there photographing for Grandtheft, and EDM artist. I snagged this shot in the middle of a packed crowd by getting really lucky with my timing. I chose to edit the photo this way because I felt like the original image had too many different colors. My edit pulls primarily from my favorite color combination, cyan & orange.

Image 3 V1 RAW
Image 3 V2 Edit

I took this photo of my friend Olivia. I really like her car and I had the idea to do a photoshoot at this particular parking garage because I remember the lights were fluorescent and not incandescent. I knew that I could easily turn the white light into a more “blue light”.I also added a splash of color in the bottom right corner. If you look very closely it gradually fade into pink/red.

Image 3 V3 (Unedited)
Image 3 V3 (Edited)

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