David McLeod

David McLeod’s art felt very real to me. His clientele was very impressive ranging from IBM to Nike. His art was very admirable and interesting to me. I really enjoyed that his art was complex but the background was always a singular solid color. This gave his pieces an even bigger “pop” and made them even more realistic. McLeod’s art has inspired the next generation of technical creators. His pieces include such “true-to-life” textures and fibers which make them seem very challenging to create. I would have liked to know who influenced him to create his pieces of art because they seem very new and unique.

This image is very impressive to me because of its technical excellence. The fur in the piece seems life-like as if you could reach out and feel how soft it is. I also really like the shading and attention to detail on the shadow that is cast on the right side of the image.
I chose this image because I thought it was interesting how he seemingly turned body parts into polygonal shapes.
I enjoyed this piece because it tells the viewer something about the shoe that they may not necessarily immediately pick up on when they view the image. Nike’s “Vapormax” line of shoes are knows for their air bubble pockets under the shoe which this piece of art depicts very well.

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