Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsomes work is very diverse. On his website, he not only displays his physical art, but his digital video art as well. I liked the art in his art gallery better than most of his video work. To me, the pieces in his studio generated curiosity and awe because of how he is able to combine so many elements to create an image. His video work is interesting as well but I felt that it was a tad redundant and only confused me. I wonder if having so many different unique video styles ranging from “Phantasm” to “Untitled (New Way)” contributes to his growth in a particular video avenue.

I liked this video because as a videographer it is very different from the work that I normally do. This video has a lot of looping effects that do not overlap and repeat which I thought was technically interesting.
I enjoy this piece because it combines a lot of different elements that are not particularly related into a work of art that viewers can distinctly define.
This reminded me of a Snapchat filter. The mouth of the face in this piece is real while everything else in the image is fake which I found made for a very interesting contrast.

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