I have actually seen La Jetee before!
The first time I watched it was because I used to really be into stop motion movies. I tried to find the only I made in 6th grade but I couldnt 🙁 Anyways I have always felt that it was a super cool and interesting plotline to fit into 30 minutes. I particularly like his decision to stay with the woman in the past because I feel like all humans can relate to that. In the future (maybe near? @elon musk) decisions like this will have to be made. When watching it a second time i did feel a sort of a disconnect because a fair bit of the narration is in first person which I found to be weird since there were no mouths actually moving.

The Road

I really enjoyed this movie. It had me on the edge of my seat the way only a apocalyptic fiction can. Particularly I really enjoyed the scene where they are hiding in the woods from the bad guys in the beginning of the movie. That is why I chose to make it into a gif. When watching the movie, I had many near tear experiences. It seemed like the movie was a constant cycle of starvation, near-death experiences, and The Man finding ways for them to survive.


I think the first time I almost cried was right before they found the apple orchard and they were literally about to starve to death. The father-son dynamic that was on full display there was truly heart-breaking. It was like any movie where the father has to promise hope and survival in a time where he is not even sure of it himself. Oh yeah, that made the part where HE DIES so much worse. Really… just rip my heart out at that point. I could see that the director/ author of the movie strategically chose to kill of The Man when the audience felt like he had taught The Boy enough to survive.

I really hated the ending… call me a pessimist but I am not a fan of overly happy endings where there is (too) much hope on display. After and entire journey and The Man dead, The Boy finally finds decent people? How convenient and upsetting. They Boy kinda aggravated me the whole movie anyway, he was the epitome of being UN-self-sufficient in the beginning.



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  1. It’s interesting that you found the ending of The Road to be optimistic. I had a different feeling from it. After everything the boy and the man had gone through, I felt like what should have been a happy ending (presumably finding a decent family) wasn’t. Instead he still felt doomed. I wasn’t sure of the family was actually trustworthy, and I was certain they would just continue to encounter hunger, violence, and despair. The entire world felt doomed, even with the “happy ending.”

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    1. I just felt like the end of The Road was a stark contrast from the constant cycle of uncertainty which i found to be hopeful since everyone strives for stability. and thank you! i couldnt figure out why gif wouldnt play, should I just drag it and make it bigger?

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