I would like to first say I thoroughly enjoyed ds106

At first the work seemed super tedious and pointless however overtime I grew to enjoy sitting down and putting in the time needed to create things. Especially with a apocalyptic theme, you could really submerge yourself into your work and make it not even seem like work.

For this final week, I made pieces of media based on the Digital Epidemic that broke out in the united states. The virus effects users who spend 3 hours of more in a day on an electronic device (not a good time for kids during finals). It was developed in the audio/ video production lab by accident by an unknown person (that person is presumably dead).

This is the map where we received visuals from:

We received:

A postcard from NYC


A video from Oakland


A autopsy finding from Minnesota


A Video and photo series from Fredericksburg


a symptom list from an unknown location

NEW from ?

We have concluded that this virus is deadly and a result of government action to reduce population size. We have also concluded that the virus is spreading rapidly through the internet which is why it is so hard to control. Paired with the fact that the government seems to have special light fixtures in the sky that an accelerate the rate of death among victims. to this point, there is no cure, there are no immune people…

…the end has certainly arrived.


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