I have chosen to revise…



the first time i did this assignment i wanted to stab my eyes out because

#1 i had to use some weird app to download a mp4 file from youtube

#2 my gif wouldnt play and i didnt knw why at the time (it wasnt full size lol)

#3 i hate gifs


this time around I am going to COMBINE that assignment with Writing Assignment 2160 where I wrote about my trip over summer 2017 to Chile and Peru!

I made a gif from the video that I made from the trip. I also didnt have to use a mp4 downloader so I am a happy boy. Additionally I now have a short preview I can show people of the video.

The GIF:

Full Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTQM8Lkzm7s&t=4s

(sidenote: my editing and cinematography skills were sooooo bad back then)

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