I am working with Eric Shaw to bring you guys a informative yet incredibly cinematic vlog production.

We title it “Content Creator Central”

In this specific edition we will be overviewing the creative process behind planning/ shooting/ and editing a video.

This video fits perfectly with both of our character archetypes because my character (Faniel Kan) is an expert in video editing and Eric’s character (Marcus Hodges) is a owner of a video production company.

Essentially this vlog will highlight the gear we used to make the video you are watching, different cinematic techniques, what we look for when we shoot, the importance of sound, and how to edit a video using our preferred softwares.

We are also going to explain one of the most important elements of cinematic video production, B-ROLL (We will explain what it is if you dont already know)

there will also be lots of drone footage which is always sick too

Heres a picture from kite day in DC on saturday that I thought had really cool colors


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