Christian Marclay

Christian Marclay’s art is very impressive to me because of his attention to detail. Out of all of the artists we have researched so far his is my favorite. I especially like how to incorporated items such as string into some of his works. When i view his art, it makes me feel like i am in a different time period. For example, some of his works of art have a very old-school comic book vibe to them and I think it is very interesting how he incorporates that into digital art.

I liked this pieve of art because he was able to use digital software to make a piece of art look like it was printed at an old-school comic book printing factory.
I liked this piece because it reminded me of art that we would do in middle school, but better. This looks like he took a bunch of magazine articles and collaged them together in a really unique way to tell a story.
This piece of art stood out to me because of his level of creativity. He was able to pay such fine attention to detail over such a large project to be able to make each string a crucial part in the piece as a whole.

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