Maria Chavez

Maria Chavez’s art to me was different than the art I usually enjoy. I felt like she had such a wide variety of ideas/ productions that I couldn’t really tell whether or not I liked her. Her auditory art made me feel whatever she intended me to feel. Whether that be transforming rain into raindrops or feeling uneasy with glitch noises. I did really enjoy some of the visual accompaniments that went with her audio art. I feel like she has a very contemporary visual style even if she doesn’t intend to.

I really liked the conceptual part of this piece. I think the image was very well thought out and the colors were really pleasant in combination.
This image actually the represents her work called “Rain fo Applause”. I really enjoyed this piece because after awhile, the constant applause does begin to sound like people clapping.
This piece was the one where she made a glitch. This piece made me very uneasy but it was cool to see the ways that she made these sounds appear.

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