Tekashi Murata

I enjoyed Tekashi Murata’s work because it combines realism with surrealism. His pieces all looked realistic enough to be real elements but upon closer look the fine details were left out. I think that this is a very unique perspective on creating art because it gives it almost a cartoonish-vibe. His artwork makes me feel sucked in and engaged to examine the way he creates. I found myself noticing the details he left in vs the details he left out.

I appreciated this piece because it took a very simple object and crafted an entire image around it. The coloring/ shading of the object was also very good.
This piece reminds me of something I would find out of the video-game Kirby. A lot of the elements in it are very round when they could be a lot sharper.
i liked this one because the Coors can on the Left looks very real, while the Trumpet-thing on the right looks fake.

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