soooooooo the computers in the HCC are reallllly fast


they run Adobe Premiere cs6 🙁

usually I use a adobe premiere file with “CC” at the end of it. this is because they come with different plugins that are super easy to use. For example I couldnt color grade this trailer because there wasnt a “lumetri color” CC option.

Anyways, I will just edit our final video on my laptop no big deal.


2 Replies to “Video Group Planning Reflection #2”

  1. Your trailer is amazing! I didn’t even realize that Adobe CS6 was different than the other Adobe Premiere Pro software. I love that y’all are going to share your tips and tricks for producing videos. Also, what plugin/tool did you use to embed your video in this post? It seems to support really high quality videos.

    1. Hi! thanks for the kind words. CS6 doesnt have creative cloud or “CC” files which kinda sucks because those are the really good tools that people pay money for with subscriptions. I didnt use any particular plugin or tool, i just exported it with really high sequence settings so the quality would be good.

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