I watched Night of the Living Dead

My initial reaction when I opened the film was that it was xtra creepy because it was in black and white. Also bless tht it was free.

the movie is based on a zombie/ flesh-eating theme where the humans are trapped inside the house and need to keep the zombies from getting in in order to stay alive. ive actually played many video games where they copied the premise of the movie. I found it interesting how the “Leader” Ben tries to keep everyone safe even though he stays alive the longest.

also side note, why are all apocalyptic leaders named ben i.e the guy in Lost…

Anyways, this movie felt doomed to begin with because even if they kept them out of the house, they had no food source so they were going to starve anyways.

so this is the movie on youtube cut up with White Iverson// Post Malone in the background

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