Its cold. I am wet sitting in a swamp. I am the last woman in existence. Where most woman would give up and accept their fate, i refuse. I pick myself out of the swamp once again and scavenge the nearby lands for anything of use that I may have missed. I also look for new ways to use common items. That is when I see it, the school bus. How could I have been so blind this entire time.

I decide to turn this school bus into my new protective living quarters. Using old boards and metal scraps, i barricade the windows and wheels so that no one can get in or out without using the lever. I also use wooden rods, barbed wire, and trash cans that I find to build defenses that can be used to attack as well when I drive the bus. I then move all of my rations into the bus. I calculated that these rations would last me about half a year before I have to scavenge again. Hopefully by then, the femicide will have subsided.

Now i wait…

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