As a videographer and aspiring producer, I thought “End Day” was super cheesy. For starters, I understand that it was made over 10 years ago, however the production quality is not very good. Additionally, the acting in the video is pretty terrible too. The video did a good job of portraying how businesses would react if there was an apocalypse though.

I learned in the Routledge article that female writers were important in the shaping of modern day apocalyptic fiction. For example, they would attribute tragic events such as toxic waste spills to try and shed light to current day activist movements such as gender change. Additionally, the article touched upon an interesting idea that most apocalyptic work by females contained a “catastrophe” that was essential for progression.

The book that I started reading was “The Stand” by Stephen King. I picked this book because i recently watch the movie “It” that came out and was based on his book. The movie was incredible and i had heard that the book was even better. I was going to read it until i learned that it was over a thousand pages So when I saw his name again, I told myself i would read the book. “The Stand” was interesting because it involved a lot of religion. My initial reaction to the first couple sections of the novel were that Stephen King did not explain the physical characteristics of the characters very much. This led to me as the reader having to come up with a lot of my own interpretations for what the characters were like.  Instead he spends a lot of time explaining their motives and views on religion. For example, Randall Flag is barely explained physically in the novel. Instead Stephen King focused on driving the point to the reader that he is evil.

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  1. End Day is ridiculously cheesy, but I still found it entertaining. In any caese, don’t worry, we’re going to start watching some really good films in the coming weeks, so it will get better.

    The Stand is amazing. It was the first Stephen King I ever read when I was a teenager, and I still think it’s his finest. You need to choose between the original, published in 1978, and the longer version that King released in 2008. I haven’t read the more recent version, but I will say that I find King benefits from editing, and I wonder if the newer one might be a bit of a slog at times. (King, of course, things the second one is the “definitive” version)

    1. I think in the coming weeks, I will read the newer version. As with many of his more modern works, i have heard that they are much easier to read because they write closer to the way modern people speak.

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