Canva and TED Talks…

I actually use canva all the time!

I am the marketing chair for UMW Relay for Life and it is how I make all of our social media graphics and flyers.

The seven topics that I chose to learn more about were:

Color relationships: I learned that colors that are on opposite sides of the color wheel (such as yellow and purple) are subconsciously appealing to the human eye

An example from a picture I took of my drone edited (teal/orange are opposites)

Less is more: This tutorial gave me better understanding on the importance of using less, but more descriptive/ meaningful words

Working with white space: I learned to choose images with backgrounds where I could type words in white and have them stand out clearly

The art of alignment: I learned to use equal space between text and to align my words with the center of the graphic

Design for social media: I learned to create custom templates for my posts to help with the overall flow of my account

Canva shortcuts part 1: I learned how to layer elements by sending them forward/ backwards

Brilliant Backgrounds: I already knew that choosing a background that fits the title makes sense, but I learned that using a transparent object behind the text can make it easier to read

Paula Scher’s TED talk spoke to me because of her experience an an entrepreneur. I really paid attention to when she said that “there is always room for improvement” because that is something that I really believe working in the same field as her. The graphic design world is always changing because “good” is conditional and is merely an interpretation by people whose thoughts are always changing. That is why I admired her stories about how much she struggled at first because every graphic designer has critics, you just have to evolve yourself around the feedback.

I feel like the main difference between David Carson Paula Scher’s work is their use of organization. I think that Paula’s work is more abstract that David’s because he uses a lot of shapes and backgrounds to overlay different elements of his design. To be completely honest, I did not like any of the photos of his work that he showed. There was pizza on a computer, low quality photos, and graphics with words that could barely be made out because they did not contrast the background well.

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