Well the Digital Virus has killed us all.

This is the afterlife where I will be talking about my experiences with the class

When I first started ds106 I thought that my understanding of photo/ video would be enough to carry me through the class. However, I was forced to learn audio and wordpress which at first was super frustrating. I think that having to do these things for a grade will benefit me in the long run because as I try to grow my company, I can now make even better content for clients. I guess you could say ds106 made me money?


The final project was a really slow process for me. I have races both weekends of the project so i had to really find time to do it. When I was first trying to come up with an idea for the project, I found it difficult to come up with something interesting and original to post. I did not want to sound like I was taking and idea from a previous apocalyptic show. Then it dawned on me, we are in digital studies, what would happen if technology was poisonous and caused imminent death? that is where the premise of my project came from. At first it took awhile for me to find out how I was going to tie certain assignments into it but using the map suggestion greatly helped me. Deciding the materials and content to add for each city made the project breakdown a lot easier. Once I got that rolling I had to make sure that the story made sense. While I dont think it flows the smoothest, it definitely makes sense. The disease started in the HCC at UMW and made its way around the country via the interweb. I really focused on trying to tie some of my classmates evidence into my project because i thought that would be super cool to do.

With all that being said, it has been an enjoyable time creating with you all!

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