My first impression when opening Frequency 2156 was that the interface was super cool because it was interactive and included posts from all over the world. I must have had some bad luck because the first couple markers I clicked on were all super weird and did not make sens. For example the first one that I clicked on was #117172 and it talked about beer lol.

I think the author chose audio as a medium because audio is unbiased. This is important because that means viewers cannot be influenced by visuals. I really enjoyed how it was based on audio because it made some of the frequencies even creepier.

If I was making the story, I would have had categories to put all the different threads under. Also I would make it even more interactive and have a checklist that people could use to say which supplies they needed. Along with those, I would let people add a single visual so that it could set a basic setting for audiences listening to the audio.

My own frequency tells the story of a single man hiding from the government because he has escaped their attempt to wipe out a large part of the population.

take a listen..

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