In the event of an apocalypse, I would share supplies. This is probably a strange reply considering last week I said I would rather be alone during an apocalypse. However, if i am stuck with people, I wouldnt want their deaths in my hands so I would share supplies.


This week, i read two short stories. “The boy and his dog” as well as “The Screwfly Solution.” Personally, I liked the “The Boy and his Dog” better because i felt like people could relate to it more. It showed companionship through a tough time which is definitely applicable to real life.

Additionally I tweeted more using daily create prompts.

This week was very writing heavy. As someone that considers themselves less as a writer and more as a rambler, i rambled lots. I guess since this is a blog that is kind of okay though. Some examples of this were the six stars I chose. I chose to write about JFK as a apocalyptic innovator. I also wrote a letter to myself before the apocalypse warning myself to prepare. For my final two stars, I wrote a haiku

I also connected with more of my classmates on Instagram.

This week I really enjoys Chris Ringham’s product review of the nerf gun. I also enjoyed David Slupeks alternte ending.

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