I felt like a celebrity answering the radio show questions on behalf of my group lol.

Seriously though, I was really happy with the way it turned out. I knew as soon as we finished recording the audio on my camera that it was going to be awesome. I think it turned out so successful because we took a lot of time prepping what we were gonna say so that when it came time to record we only needed to do a couple takes. Also editing the radio show was a piece of cake.


(I didn’t use any of the audio software you taught us to use through assignments though) sorry 🙂

Instead I just stuck all the audio clips into adobe premiere and edited it as if it was a video and only exported the audio as an mp3. (my genius secret has been revealed)

I did this because Adobe Premiere is something I use all the time for video production (PLEASE GIVE US A VIDEO ASSIGNMEnt SOON) so i feel super comfortable with it.

I also tuned into my buddy Eric’s group’s show W-END. I couldnt make it to the originial air time but I listened to it on soundcloud.

I knew he was nice with audio because we have worked together outside of class but I was salty that his audio actually came out crispier than mine.

I really liked the futuristic concept of his show. He took a completely different approach than my group did since we based our apocalypse as if it could happen tomorrow. However, the apocalypse of both shows came down to being government induced.

smh its always the government

Also both of our concepts had people/ aliens that made horrid noises.I liked their approach that aliens were kidnapping the people though. It makes it seem like the government was colluding with outside forces which is something I TOTALLY could see happening. That element of realism made it that much more interesting. they kidnapped Erin’s daughters and even though she didnt sound THAT sad, not cool, not cool…

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