This short story could literally not be an apocalypse by changing a couple words/ themes around.

When reading it, I felt a variety of emotions. For example, when Quilla seduces Vic away from Blood, I imagined every sad dog meme in my head.

(Also, Quilla made me super angry and reminded my of Negan from The Walking Dead if you watch that.)

Anyways, I thought the main apocalyptic plot was pretty good. I tend to be more interested in zombie apocalypses but organized creation always amazes me. For example, in the movie Interstellar, when Matt Damon finds out that he is the last human carrying harvesting embryos, my mind quite literally blew up. Which brings me back to my main point that I like the concept of procreation in the short story. More than that though, I loved how the primary relationship in the novel is the love shared between a dog and his owner. I feel like this makes the short story better because everyone loves dogs so anything relating to Blood will bring out heavier emotions.


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