So in a apocalyptic setting, I learned that I am very ill prepared.

When I was making my video about what I had in my backpack, I realized that based on food resources alone I would only live about a week before starving to death. Additionally, I have no forms of extra clothing or cleaning supplies. However, for as long as my batteries last I would be able to well document the end through my use of cameras, mics, drones, and Gopro. Hopefully some stranger along the way will find my information useful!



My experiences with apocalyptic fiction stem primarily from two sources.

The Walking Dead is a TV show on AMC that takes place during a post-apocalyptic setting where a virus has broken out causing a zombie outbreak. I have followed this show for 5 years and haven’t missed a single episode along the way. This show has impacted my thinking on this subject because it makes you question who you can trust when life changing events such as an apocalypse occur. In the show, there are many examples of betrayal, dishonesty and selfishness that lead to the death of other individuals.

Another show that I watched was Falling skies. Similar to the walking dead, This show takes place in setting where the future of humankind is being questioned. Instead of zombies, this show bases the its conflicts by pitting aliens against humans. These aliens are much stronger and have much stronger weaponry than humans.

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