Soooooooo the language in this short story was a tad difficult for me to read fluidly. I ended up reading it, looking up a summary, and then reading it again.

What the…

This has to be the most messed up short story on the list.

Men murdering women, hints at dystopian societies, aliens, and religious persecution? I loved it.

This post-apocalyptic short story just about covered everything except for zombies which makes it really hard to write a review about. One of my favorite parts in the story was definitely the last line which portrayed real-estate agents as aliens. lol. Up until aliens are revealed to be the cause of all problems at the end of the story, it was a pretty good suspenseful novel. I liked how Anne describes the situation in the beginning by explaining it in a way that it is believable that humans are evil enough to commit those crimes and be brainwashed.

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