Video Week!

for the Two assignments I created, I made a video assignment where people have to show/ create their favorite transition. I also creates a design assignment where people had to show themselves in a super unique and out of the ordinary environment.

I think the end product of Eric and I’s video was a super good concept.

right when I was going to do my final rendering I found some technical difficulties so because my external hard-drive that I keep EVERYTHING ON decided to kick the bucket 🙁

however, I went out and took more footage and turned a ~9min video into a ~12min video.

I think Content Creator Central Vol 1 is a good video for anyone looking to be entertained. I also think it does a good job explaining some of the basic elements of video production that Eric and I find to be super important. As a vlog style video, we wanted to make sure that we included enough of our personalities in the video so that it wouldn’t be boring.

Here it is:

If an Apocalypse started today, the first thing I would do is start hoarding food and water. Pretty obvious question to me that you should start with the necessities


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