This week… Audio

No Daily Creates? 🙁

Welcome my character Faniel Kan! He’s pretty much just good for software editing lol.

FREQUENCY 2156 IS SO FRUSTRATING. My radio broadcast keeps getting stuck at generating pcm-data

i listened to the radio broadcast The Peoria Plague, it was hard to understand him because he was so muffled but it was a very interesting story because of how severe the situation became. Tweeting along came in spurts because he would throw so many details at you at one time.

For one of my assignments, chose the one where you had to throw together terrible noises to make a super terrible noise. I think my ears almost bled because I hadn’t used audacity in a long time so i forgot it will keep looping noises unless you press pause. At least after that I got to compile a super satisfying noise.

I am doing ok, a little stressed trying to play catch-up but I have no doubt I can do it!

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