Daily Creates are back!

I created an apocalypse logo, showed everyone one of my very first pictures, and summed up a sad apocalyptic ending for one person 🙁


Through TED talks, I gained more insight on how hard it is to be an entrepreneur in the design industry. However, I also learned how sweet it is for all that work to pay off and have a job that you love.

I also learned about different principles of design such as color coordination and post uniformity in Canva that I will be applying in my own work.

The most successful group I have been a part of was my varsity baseball team sophomore year. I was promoted to play varsity towards the end of the season near playoffs and I got to play with the big boys for the first time. I was amazed at how well the team functioned. I think they functioned well because everyone on the team understood their role.

I made my character and he embodies the expert archetype because he devotes his life 24/7 to his craft. Unfortunately he spends all his time indoors and has poor social skills but at least he can make a bomb video.

My book that I am reading is about life after a virus outbreak. Here is the new book cover I made for it using Photoshop.

Cancer awareness and support is something that is really important to me, so I made a flyer advocating for it.

Martha’s hat is lost in the universe somewhere… R.I.P

For my designblitz, I really tried to showcase my photoshop skills. This is my favorite photo from the activity!

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