Is it just me or did this week actually feel pretty light on work? (not complaining)

I am also sitting in the hcc about to throw my computer through the wall because i keep getting an error that says “failed to write file to disk” whenever i try to post some of my media content. For example my gif on my assignment revision had to be posted over google drive because it wouldnt embed directly into the post, someone pls help.

going through peoples posts and commented has led me to see some really cool stuff that other people are making.

During the apocalypse i dont think I could live without pasta

I dont think obtaining pasta would be particularly difficult because i could just scavenge old homes and abandoned supermarkets. However if there is not electricity i dont really have a way to cook the pasta.

🙁 that would be a tragic day

3 Replies to “Week 9 is ova”

  1. I am all about some pasta too! How cool would it be if there was like an old Olive Garden that we could ransack!? MMM…. garlic bread for days … could keep away the zombies too!

  2. The pasta is a great choice. Easy to find and you should be able to cook it if you have water and fire! You have to carb up to stay alive out there

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