Tune in on Tuesday March 20th at 10 to listen and ask any questions you might be have!

I was really impressed by how quickly my group finished it

It also only took my about an hour to compile and edit the entire thing so that was nice.

If an Apocalypse was to happen today, I would want to be a cyborg. All the other things mentioned die (kind of) in various forms of media that I have seen. Cyborgs are cool because they are robots which gives them insane strength and accuracy. Additionally unless you are Arnold in Terminator, you dont have feeling so you dont have any attachments to humans to hold you back from whatever your goal is.

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  1. I started listening to your radio show and loved the intro music, but due to lack of time I will definitely listen to it when it airs on DS106 Radio, the intro alone pumped me up. I guess I never thought of becoming a cyborg. I guess if I didn’t have my family with me I would become a cyborg like you said because they have no attachments, they are just a death dealing machine.

  2. I loved the music your group incorporated into your radio show! I also found it interesting how your group tied in the emerging evidence. I initially thought that hardly any groups would tie it in, but everyone has done a great job so far! I’ll be writing a post about your group’s radio show either tonight or tomorrow, after my group has gone on air!

    1. thank you so much! i guess having a stock music subscription came in handy lol everyone has been complimenting the music

  3. THANK YOU for inserting your radio show into this blog post!! I’m unable to be online at any of the times because I’m in tech week for a play that opens tomorrow, so now I can listen to yours on my own time!

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